It's a New Club and your Invited.

It has been a long time coming after many trials and errors plus nearly 12 months in the studio working on this album.

The hardest part of creating this album was how it was going to be perceived by the general public and determining who will be my audience.

Months of fan support and their input on my number one hit “Party House” and the successful followup, “Vital Signs,” helped me decide which direction to take my album

Most of my reviews on music platforms like ReverbNation, Audiomack and several other top music sharing sites had listeners from the age of 28-56 which blew my mind. Most of my songs scored 8.8 all the way up to a solid 10 points. What was discovered by most most listeners is how much fans love the positive energy my music flows with their every day lifestyle and that makes fans feel good.

I have decided that my music is a definitive step in the right direction with listeners who love the way I collect my energy and master it into a work of musical design. With so many things going on in the world today, many of us are looking for a positive and hopeful meaning or experience.

My music connects that message along with the state of a "feel good moment" where for a while many can forget their worries, issues and just listen to great music.

I am thankful that I have had a chance in my life to experience hardships, struggles and even success along the way. No matter how bad things can get, there is always hope and music to carry us through. I speak for everyone who loves music whether you are a fan, solo artist, band, dj or just someone who loves to dance or move to music.

Music connects us all in some way. It allows us to escape moments, immerse our minds into a far away place not connected to reality.

The name"New Club" comes from a selection of memories that I have from my years of interacting with performers, rock bands, djs and yes the many exotic dancers.

New Club brings us a part of that culture into the album with a modern experience and positive feeling and if you watch some of my videos you know exactly where I am coming from. The anticipation of moments like this allows my music to flow and connect in a more dark noir for an energetic way of expression. I am all original, I create, score and produce all my music and take the time to make sure it sounds good and has a "feel good approach".

Anyone can listen to my music, play it and in some cases, embed it into a social page or website. However, you may not alter or change it as all of my music is copyrighted and registered with the ISRC.

On this page is where you will find the latest tracks to my upcoming album "New Club". For those who subscribe to my mailing list they will have special access to 4 tracks for early releases and 2 of them will be free for download if you are subscribed on Youtube and ReverbNation.

Special thanks to all my fans, I cannot thank you enough for your input and support -- you're the best!

Welcome to the Club!

- Man of Sound -

© 2023 Man of Sound. All rights reserved. All music is registered with the ISRC.