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Music that defines a moment

All music is created, recorded & produced by Man of Sound

New Release

  • Title:
    “Into the Deep”
  • Genre:
    Motivational, Dance
  • License:
    Commercial / Personal
  • ISRC:
  • Format:
    MP3 & WAV
  • Vocals:
  • Exclusive License:
    $4,900 USD

Positive, Motivational & Energetic Music

László Popp “Man of Sound” is a full-time songwriter, producer, and developer in music design. László continues to create music for today’s TV commercials, online media broadcasts and social platforms.

László incorporates a vision that is simply great music. László also believes in collaborating with other musicians and DJs who believes that music has no boundaries, where possibilities are limitless. Music is “healing for the soul” which can alter moods and create moments of happiness for everyone to enjoy.

László Popp - Man of Sound

Free Song

Grab this month’s free track “Up Endead”. This is a motivational, energy or workout track that features a heavy bass line and punchy synths mixed with a virtual piano and effects.

This song is released under the ISRC and may be used for personal and commercial applications like podcasts, blogs, live events or broadcasts.

  • You may not this track on YouTube or any other video sharing platform.
  • You may not merge, sync or add to your own video or commercial videos to this track.
  • You are required to provide a linkback or credit to the creator when using this for commercial use.

Crowd Picks

Crowd picks are award winning songs that listeners on ReverbNation take part in. Listeners of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world provide input, vote and write a review on the song and then score the song from 7.5 to 10.

When a song meets these requirements, then it will be featured on ReverbNation for one week. During this time the song will receive major exposure which can boost sales of the song.

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